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Why is GCSE Maths So Important?

Let’s face it, these days you need qualifications for virtually any job. Of these maths GCSE is one of the key qualifications to have.

Most careers with perhaps the exception of engineering and science do not require a vast knowledge of mathematics. However, it is a way of screening potential candidates for a job. An employer is more likely to pick a person who has a GCSE in maths than a person who does not. In a lot of cases it is a prerequisite – you wouldn’t even be able to apply, let alone get an interview without it.

Essential for Many Degrees

It’s not just restricted to job applications. Many college and degree courses require a good grade in GCSE in maths. This is classed as a grade 4 or 5 under the new 9-1 grading system.

Useful in Everyday Life

You are unlikely to use Pythagoras theorem or use trigonometry in everyday life, but other topics developed at GCSE level are important. Things like problem solving, logic and analysing information are useful. Planning a journey – looking at a train timetable; working out the number of flags you need for your garden patio; working out the amounts of ingredients for a recipe. All these tasks require a basic concept of maths which is covered at GCSE.

Many of the skills and structure taught at GCSE level are transferable to other topics and situations. So, whether you want to simply improve your career prospects, start a college course or just improve your maths generally GCSE maths is essential.

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