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Musica Universalis

Clare Bowman, Spiritual Historian

According to some of the great thinkers and philosophers such as Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle, there exists a somewhat meta- physical relationship between the movement and vibrations of the planets and that of the quality of life which exists for all on earth. This relationship does not emanate as an audible one but rather a more mathematical, religious or unseen, ethereal relationship. They believed it had more to do with numbers, shapes and angles, all inter-connected with a specific degree of proportion. They believed that this ’Music of the Spheres’, the mathematical relationship between the earth, sun, moon and the other planets was the origin of the perfect harmony of our world. This Music of the Spheres or ‘Musica Universalis’, was part of the core being of our essence – it was that which made us be or exist in the greater vision of the universe or God.

From this ancient ideology, came a litany of astronomical, mathematical and literary works that have reflected even our modern way of thinking about our existence and relationship with spirituality in the universe.

Let us take less of a mathematical and astronomical approach to this concept of Musica Universalis, but one of a more spiritual methodology and attitude, as to how we are all influenced here on earth by this vibration of the planets and the universe.

We see an object in front of us because light from that object reflects back into our eyes. This light pattern or waveform triggers cells on our retina and travels via the optic nerve to our brain where a visual image is formed. Experience through our upbringing then allows us to recognise what we have seen. We also normally consider the possibility of hearing various sounds that are picked up by our ears and again travel through to the brain, where experience allows us to make sense of it.

On reflection though, we see with our eyes and hear via our ear sensors, but we humans can also see sound! Science has mimicked Nature in this regard. Bats and other animals with poor eyesight use ultrasound to actually ‘see’ their prey. Humans and science have copied this adaptability to their advantage also, via the use of Sonar with aircraft and ships in addition to using ultrasound to check on the well-being of an unborn baby. So using sound can actually make us see. The concept of being able to see sound can have additional effects on the harmony of the human body. It can make us to move, such as tapping our feet or dance. It can also make us experience the effect of being able to feel that sound which in turn can induce an emotional response within our psyche. We can be happy, sad and even become very tearful when we link up this effect whilst remembering loved ones who have passed.

Before we explore the link between the harmony of seeing sound and the intrinsic emotive effect it has on the harmony of the human soul and Spirit, let us take a very brief look at what sound actually is.

Sound is simply a longitudinal pressure wave that vibrates backwards and forwards in the same direction as the actual sound wave itself. All objects which vibrate, emit a sound wave outward in all directions. Sound waves also have a lot of other scientific components, such as frequency, wavelength and velocity, most of which do not really concern us in this article.

The ancients were aware that sound could make us see and feel via the Music of the Spheres. They were also aware that these sounds were an intrinsic part of the planetary and universal sounds beyond our audible reach but still had an effect on the harmony of the earth and its inhabitants. Historical authors and musicians invoked the so-called ‘Muses’, for divine inspiration in composing musical works, or for other inspirational ideas. They gathered round the ‘mousaion’ (modern day museum – cult place of the muses), for inspiration through viewing public displays of knowledge.

There were nine Muses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. They were Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia and Urania. They were the inspirational goddesses of the Arts, Literature and Science. They were also considered the source of all knowledge embodied in poetry, music, dance and myth, handed down orally through myths and fables for centuries. It was thought that the great composers somehow metaphysically connected to one or several of these muses to produce great works of (musical) art.

How were these metaphysical or spiritual connections made? What mechanisms are within the universe to allow these connections to occur? More importantly, why are these connections being (harmonically) made through us? Why does it seem that we are so symbiotically connected with this kinetic energy of the universe? Does this mean that we have a greater purpose than to be born and then simply die?

The great composers sought some sort of intrinsic (spiritual) guidance in composing great works of music and art. The mechanisms by which they connected allowed them not only to ‘see’, but to also feel our connection to and with the universe. We hear and can see and feel this connection by an increase in our spiritual consciousness, thus allowing greater and more direct correlation to our Soul and higher Spirit. Once a full or complete connection is made, we then feel as if we have returned ‘Home’, that place from whence we have come. Here, we are at One with our physical, our Soul and higher Spirit. We are at One with the earth, all of its inhabitants, the planets and the universe – we are finally at One with the God Creator.

Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Strauss and others were able to connect to their muses and compose beautiful compositions of music by increasing their physical, Soul and higher Spirit levels of harmony. Pat McCourt, a musician since four years of age, has composed a range of melodies which duplicates those greats who have gone before. His musical compositions allow us to attain a greater rise in our consciousness, uniting our Soul and universal spirit. His music allows us to become One with ourselves and the universe, thus permitting us to feel the presence and love of the Creator. His musical compositions allow us to be spiritually touched by their vibration, thereby raising our consciousness. When this increase occurs, our soul vibrates with the musical rhythm and frequency, connecting us to our higher Spirit and to the universe beyond. Some may call it Magic!

To watch McCourt play, is to be present at the symphony of the muses themselves. To listen to his music, is to feel our own spiritual vibration. Whilst being in the presence of the Music of the Spheres, McCourt moves, plays and vibrates as One with the Spheres. He sees nothing around him because he is truly connected beyond his physical realm. His fingers and hands move with an elegance which simulates the connection between his physical, his Soul and his higher Spirit. He has become the music and when his connection is complete, he is at One with the universe. But how is this connection facilitated? How does it work?

All networks in the universe are facilitated by what is known as a ‘Lemniscate', - a three-dimensional figure of eight shape, a bit similar to the sign for Infinity. To put it simply, lemniscates connect everything to everything else in the universe. They allow energy to flow from one point to all points and vice-versa. Not only do they allow energy to flow from one point to all other points, but they also allow (in the process) each point/object to become part of every other object at the same time and in the same space to which it is connected. This is commonly referred to as ‘Resonance.’ This resonant frequency of two objects will be larger than the individual energetic frequencies alone. This however, is rather a simplistic view.

When McCourt composes and plays music, the emanating sounds and melodies vibrate from the piano as sound pressure waves. These then become attached to the natural vibrations of the universe in a resonant manner, increasing in amplitude and in harmony with both the composer and the universe. It is this resonant connection that evokes our emotive behaviour. We then want to become a major part of this and so we begin to tap our feet or start to dance. We want to become part of this resonant connection – part of the universe itself and join with The Music of the Spheres. This resonance can make us cry, make us happy or sad and it can also make us dream – dream of that place from where we once came.

So how come a particular piece of music or song evokes an emotive response from some of us in the physical, Soul and higher Spirit realms, but somehow not from others? The secret lies in the mechanism of the human chakra system. This is a multi-layered system of energy points or nodes which can evoke different responses from the physical human system. There are seven main energy nodes or chakras, which are explicitly placed within and beyond the human body’s energy system or aura.

Each chakra is coupled by a lemniscate energy wave, that in turn is attached to the next chakra and so on. When music of McCourt is played and heard, various lemniscate energy waves move through each chakra in turn, producing an overall resonant response within the human body. This resonant response not only flows through the human body but also connects to the outside space of the earth and to the universe beyond. The human response is a rise in consciousness and a connection to the Music of the Spheres and also a feeling of being at One with the universe itself. This at-one-ment is what causes us to acquire an emotive response to the original music composition. This is what McCourt’s music does. However, if we do not acquire full resonance within the human body from the music, we simply move on to the next piece that does – simple.

To watch and listen to McCourt play, is to be part of what the ancients called The Music of the Spheres. It connects the physical human chakra system to that of the Soul and to the Spirit beyond. It is the astronomical, mathematical and literary essence of universal harmony – it is One with the ancients and the universe.

Pat McCourt has numerous CDs and two DVDs on sale. Samples of his music and contact details are available from his website.

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