Maths4all International GCSE Mathematics (IGCSE) Distance Learning Course

Taken in over 70 countries

A Truly Global Qualification

IGCSE is the ideal qualification for those who want to improve their knowledge, start a new career, or live or work outside the United Kingdom. The advantage of our distance learning study programme is flexibility. You are in control. Simply fit in your studying whenever and wherever you want. Study at home, in your lunch break at work, when the children have gone to bed, literally anytime, it is entirely up to you. The International GCSE maths exam has  two levels or tiers - foundation level (grades C - G) and Higher level (grades A*- D). Both levels are covered in the course.  The examination is entirely calculator based.   Everything you need to start studying right away is provided - workbooks, a resource CD and tutor support. Also included is a pen, scientific calculator, geometry set and a carry case


This question is asked a lot. There is to be honest very little variation between them in terms of content and they are of comparable level. The main difference is hinted at in the name - ‘International’ GCSE. It is primarily to do with location. If you are a UK based student as far as mathematics is concerned, you can take either examination, however we recommend that you sit the GCSE examination.  For students outside the UK however, you have no choice, you must sit the IGCSE.  

Currently the (maths) IGCSE, unlike the GCSE, still adopts the A* to G grading system rather than the new 9-1, although this is set to change in 2019 when the new 9-1 grading structure will be adopted.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the contents of the six workbooks (syllabus):

Six specially written workbooks guide you through all the main subjects in the latest IGCSE mathematics syllabus. They are:

  • Basic number and other mathematical skills.

  • Shape and space.

  • Geometry.

  • Probability and statistics

  • Algebra.

  • Graphs.


Unless you are already enrolled with a school, you will have to enter yourself to sit the examination. To do this you need register with an approved centre near to you. For IGCSE this is usually a private school (UK), or an International school (outside UK). The examinations officer at the centre should help you, but if you have any problems, get in touch with us.

You will be entering as an external or private candidate. Make sure you enter for the exam in plenty of time. Exams are usually held twice a year. For further details click on the link below:


Course Fees & How to Order

The cost of the full IGCSE course, which includes tutor support and FREE UK postage, is excellent value at ONLY £199.  To purchase this course on-line with your credit or debit card, click the button below and follow the instructions.

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Payment methods accepted:

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