Workbook 1: Basic number skills

Basically, a refresher of the main arithmetical topics needed for the QTS numeracy test. They are the main building blocks for sound mathematical knowledge. Included is a skills checklist to make your progression quicker.


Workbook 2: Using and Applying General Arithmetic

This workbook discusses the arithmetical aspects tested in QTS

• Applications of fractions, decimals and percentages

• Averages including mean, median and mode

• Conversion of units such as money and distance

• Formulae

• Weighting as applied to examination marks

• Proportion and ratio

• Time – both 24 and 12 hour clock


Workbook 3: Interpreting Statistical Information

This is a very important workbook. It looks at statistical information and how to analyse the data. There are two types of analysis – working with numbers using arithmetical methods; visual interpretation of diagrams such as graphs and charts and how to make complex information easier to understand.

• The main topics are:

• Bar charts including multiple and composite bar charts

• Box and whisker plots

• Average values (interpretation)

• Cumulative frequency charts

• Pie Charts

• Tables

• Timetables


Workbook 4: Mental Arithmetic

This is probably the most important of all the four workbooks because it is a skill that is probably new to most students. All the other topics are covered at GCSE level whereas mental arithmetic is not. This workbook starts off by showing you:

• How to analyse questions

• The various types of questions

• How to speed up your calculations

The final part looks at audio questions which you work in conjunction with the mental

arithmetic CD supplied with the course.


Mock Test and Mental Arithmetic CDs

A mock test is supplied on a CD. This consists of a mental arithmetic (audio) section

and an on-screen section similar to the actual QTS numeracy test. A separate CD

has audio questions for use with the mental arithmetic part of the course, outlined in workbook 4.

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